Heptiamond 8

Tessellations with Tileable Rotational Pairs

Rotational Pair 6

Basic Zigzag.

Rotational Pair 10

Basic Strip.

Tessellation with the Rotational Triangle

Rotational Triangle, its ‘Chevy’ and its six solutions

The Theme has two Rotational Triangles, copies of which are laid into a Strip.

The example can also be seen as a tessellation of six-piece ‘Windmills’ (blue fill).

Other Tessellations

Pair 6 and Winged Pair
One Rotational Pair 6 (yellow) sandwiched by two Winged Pairs (pink) forms a ribbed Strip which can be repeated in two ways (first two diagrams) and also mirrored and recombined in two basic ways (last two diagrams):

More complex combinations of the Strip are possible as well.

Lengths of the Strip make ‘sharp’ Zigzags of two types. Shown are Basic, lengthened and Endless Zigzags:

Each of these Stars is based on a type of Zigzag:

The last Star needs a Divider (grey) before the Themes can repeat.

Twisted Twins
The Themes consist of rotated identical halves:

The Strips of the two middle diagrams can be exchanged (same navy lines). The last Theme requires an additional mirrored version to complete the pattern.

This is a periodical tessellation of a more complex Theme (navy lines), with rotational hexagonal outlines. Color fills are used here to bring out the patterning.

There are only rotated Heptiamonds here in their six orientations, and no mirrored ones.

The same lay-out of Rotational Triangles and Pairs 6 can be achieved with Heptiamond 16.