Section 8 Tessellations of individual Heptiamonds

Click on each small Heptiamond to view its respective tessellation page.

Introduction to Heptiamond Tessellation

This section does not deal with Shapes solved with the whole puzzle but with infinite tessellations using copies of individual Heptiamonds.

The following types of markings further clarify the diagrams in this Section:

  • Color fills ( — shown in order of frequency) in each example usually highlight the Theme of the tessellation (explained in the Introduction);
  • Red lines enclose Themes, partial Themes and sometimes other groups of Heptiamonds that can be mirrored and/or rotated, thereby producing further tessellations.
  • Navy lines accentuate one of the general directions of a periodical tessellation or mark the sectors of a centered tessellation.

Updated pages for Piece 2 (Sept. 2014)

Updated page for Piece 14 (Dec. 2014)

Finite symmetrical figures constitute another interesting subject within tessellation but remain outside the scope of this study.

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